Updated: 23/03/18 : 06:37:06
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Guest Editorial - Vote against Referendum

The thirty two T.D's voting against Constitutional Amendment have either no shame, or are, totally ignorant of what the actual debate was about.

The debate was about the people's right to decide the constitution, and any Fianna Fail T.D who opposed this right, neglects the words of Eamon de Valera, when he put the original Constitution to the the people of Ireland in 1937:  "the Constitution is a document owned by the people of Ireland."

Fianna Fail should not ratify any of their party T.D's who voted against the proposal. It is obvious these T.D's imagine they were voting against abortion.

One can only surmise how these T.D's will react if the majority of the people, vote to repeal the Eight Amendment. 

Whilst the Republic of Ireland can allege it is Christian, the reality is, it is a Democratic Nation, the will of the people is sacrosanct and outweighs the conscience, be it genuine or faux, of each and every T.D.

When it comes to the actual referendum, the ballot is secret; in the hands of each individual elector, who has the right to vote as they wish, free of any interference from any group.

Declan Foley
Berwick, Australia