Updated: 28/03/18 : 05:44:51
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Scrap parking charges for cancer patients - MacSharry

Cllr Tom MacSharry had the following motion unanimously passed at this week's meeting of Sligo Municipal District Council.

"That Sligo County Council, in supporting the Irish Cancer Society, call on the Minister for Health Simon Harris to instruct the Health Service Executive (HSE) to abolish all car parking charges for cancer patients at Sligo General Hospital and provide a free parking disc system for cancer patients that is already in operation at a number of hospitals in Ireland"

Cllr Tom MacSharry told Sligo Today that "No cancer patient should be burdened with parking charges when undergoing treatment given the frequent number of times they will have to attend Sligo University Hospital.

"I have heard frightening stories across the country where some patients have to fork out between 60 and in one case in Dublin 400 euro per month. This is absolutely disgraceful in today's Ireland.

"While we all welcome the review of parking charges at Hospitals called for by the minister, what people really want to hear is specific instructions from Government, like for example, the introduction of a national disc system applicable to all hospitals that cover cancer patients whereby a cancer patient or a designated family member or friend if the patient doesn't drive are issued with a disc that allows free parking at the Hospital for the duration of treatment," Cllr MacSharry stated.

"There is currently a number of Hospitals like, Wexford, Kilkenny, Kerry, South Tipperary, and Cork and I'm sure others that have free parking for cancer patients."

The HSE confirmed there is still no national policy governing hospital car park charges.

"However, the HSE continually monitors and reviews all its charges to ensure that they are appropriate," it said.