Updated: 02/04/18 : 07:01:51
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Leo’s best new friends fall from favour

By Eugene McGloin

ROLE MODELS of Leo Varadkar have been shown to have feet of clay.

Not a crime and not even a ‘failures’ fault line in Irish politics.

Red Pencil

But what gets out out the circling red pencil for planners of campaigns in politics are shimmers which show ‘unpopularity.’

It is important for such planners to (a) become aware of any such shimmers from time to time and (b) to know or endeavour to know the reasons ‘why so.’

Not one but two of Leo’s brightest luminaries — not to mention ‘Best New Friends’ (back then, anyway) have seen their star fall out of the sky.

Cold Fish

We are aware in Europe that Macron in France is a cold fish who rose without trance.

The public caught up with him and copped themselves on.....too late it might be (fairly) argued.

Black Hole

Now comes news from further afield that one of Leo’s Stars has fallen into a black hole, of his own making at that.

Justin Trudeau has had a prolonged political honeymoon across the vastness of Canada.

But reliable new polling data charts his fall from grace, the Washington Post reported yesterday, Sunday.

It was ‘the clothes wot did it,’ too — though not Leo’s gaudy gift of socks, insofar as we know.

No Fate in politics is worse than an emperor shown to have no clothes, so to speak.

Problem for Trudeau — and his family, too — was being shown to wear clothes, specific clothes.

Blarney Stone

On a trip to India, of all places, they donned some native garb — like coming over here and dressing up in green or taking an excursion to the Blarney Stone.

Back at home the clothes caper went down like a lead balloon and Leo’s friend is now in freefall, with a dodgy parachute in the popularity stakes.

Bigger fault lines have opened up — gender gaps; talking up one side while the opposite feels less included. 

Already a familiar feature of Political Landscape Named Leo, it is a mistake kids just out of kindergarten would make a stab at spotting.

But, unlike Our Leo, he doesn’t have to worry though about elections and such like for eighteen months yet.

White Heat

We may have have three elections in less time than that plus a trip to the polls on a contentious referendum.

I’m reasonably sure of one thing: The current poll figures for Leo Varadkar AND his party will not survive the white heat of another general election.

He himself saw how wholly fickle is Jo Gallunach (gaelic for Jo Soap) after his ‘only coddin’ caper with The Donald during the St Patrick’s Day festivities.

A Varadkar stymie facing the next election: Why should the general public vote for him when his own party (decisively, too) did not vote for him, huh?

The other complication for those tasked with ‘selling’ the Fine Gael Solution in the next election is Simon Coveney.

The Man Who Wrestled With His Conscience in public.....and guess which was runner up.

But that wasn’t near the (perception) problem; that was when Coveney’s big proposal publicly was slapped down by his OWN boss as unConstitutional. 

One of those episodes which recalls the wisdom, again, of the late John Healy. 

Healy wrote that if Cee Jay Haughey, The Man Himself, “kept ducks, they’d all drown.”