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'Ethereal Space' at The Hamilton Gallery

The Ethereal Space
Daniel Chester
5th - 28th April 2018
Hamilton Gallery, Sligo

About 'The Ethereal Space'

Ethereal: Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. Heavenly or spiritual.‘ethereal, otherworldly visions’

My current body of work focuses on the rural landscapes of the west of Ireland, I am interested in the spaces that are left to the elements, uncultivated land, overgrown and wild but also rich in wildlife. The notion of finding the ethereal elements within these landscapes is my current challenge and as a painter I am fascinated in the relationship between finding my own solitude within the landscape while also trying to understand the historical meaning of the sublime in landscape painting.

As part of this area of interest I am also fascinated in the reality of the “Commons in Society” and the connection between the moral responsibilities of the community towards the landscape. The ownership of parks, greens, lanes, walkways and rural areas that is open to the public. My current area of research also extends to an enquiry into traditional drawing and painting of the landscape, in particular the idea and notion of romantics within the rural landscape.

Areas of continued interest include movements such as German romanticism painting, In particular my work is influenced by paintings “Monasty in the Graveyard In Snow (1819) and The Abbey in The Oakwood (1810) by Fredrick, other influences include the work of  Albert Bierstadt and English artist John Martin. The recurring theme within my work focuses on notions of disillusion with materialism, return to the natural world, death, destruction and resurrection.

The choice of aluminium as a medium in which to paint on is deliberate one, although this material is not one of traditional use I find its coldness and dampness a direct connection to the landscapes and subjects I choose to paint, the aluminium also enables me as an artist to show the process of painting i.e. brushstrokes, additional liquids each work is very much unique as the experimental development can very much change with each painting.

Gallery opening hours Mon to Sat 10am – 5pm.   www. hamiltongallery.ie