Updated: 02/04/18 : 14:26:15
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Industrial action at Irish Life confirmed

The trade union Unite has announced the date for industrial action to be taken its members in Irish Life.

Following a vote in favour of industrial action last Monday, Unite members will take part in a 24-hour stoppage on Thursday, April 12.

The action centres around a dispute regarding the closure of the company’s Defined Benefit pension scheme in June, which counts more than 3,300 Irish Life staff as members, including pensioners and deferred members, according to the union.

Unite Regional Coordinating Officer Richie Browne said that the industrial action reflected Unite members’ determination to resist Irish Life’s "unilateral decision to close a healthy pension scheme"

He also warned that the dispute could escalate beyond the 24-hour stoppage if a resolution is not found.

Mr Browne said: “Our members are determined to fight this decision with all means at our disposal. They are well aware that, if one attack on their terms and conditions is allowed to stand, others are likely to follow.

“It is particularly ironic that those working for the country’s largest pension provider are being forced to take industrial action to defend their own pensions. That irony will not be lost on members of the public, and in particular Irish Life customers who look to the company to provide security in retirement.

“Irish Life can avert this strike, and the financial and reputational damage involved, by reversing their unilateral decision to close the Defined Benefit scheme on June 30th. The resolution of this dispute is now in the hands of management.

“Unite remains available for meaningful talks.”