Updated: 03/04/18 : 06:23:08
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Did EJ take a step too far for Easter?

There is an old adage, 'there is no such thing as bad publicity.'

However, concern has been expressed at the latest online video by Eamon Cunningham, owner of Sligo shop, EJ Menswear which is intended to tie a sale at the store to the abolition of the Good Friday drink law.

Mr Cunnigham is known for his humorous videos to promote sales, both online and at his Grattan St outlet in the heart of Sligo.

Some of his marketing videos have featured him as the principal character is scenes from Braveheart, Conor McGregor fights, Donald Trump and a martial arts expert.

His latest release 'Ejaysus Goes On Great Friday Pub Crawl!'  features 'Jesus' carrying a cross at Easter with a supporting cast of store employees has attracted the wrath of some viewers. Link below.

Sligo Today was contacted by a viewer of the 'offending' video who says in discussion with locals have described it as 'appalling'.

"I'm not a bible basher, I respect those with religion and those of no religion but this video was downright crass, blasphemous and hurtful to many," the viewer said.

The video has been viewed over 52,600 times, as at 6.25am this morning, a dramatic rise over other EJ videos and might be attributed to it's 'over the top' content.

On the Facebook page Lucy Green commented, "I find this really offensive. It's bad enough that people can't manage to go without alcohol on Good Friday without stooping this low. Shame on that man. If I was his priest, I'd name him from the pulpit."

John Carolan said, "I liked all your other marketing videos but this one is just wrong on so many levels.."

Geoffrey Gorman commented, "I think Eamon is a great guy and has a great business and even through the recession. But this video is deeply offensive and should be taken down. I really really hope this isnt a "ratner moment" for EJs. I dont think Eamon meant any offence."

Mark Stenson wrote, "The holy Joe's on here need to take a good long hard look at themselves ...how many of you even go to chapel..fairplay ejaysus keep rocking them out."

Ollie Neary "I have to admire your effort EJ and humour, brilliant. Great entertainment"

Sligo Today readers can use the comment section below to express their views on the video content.

Link to video on Facebook;