Updated: 04/04/18 : 06:39:34
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Sligo jailing after city arrest of Collins

THE ARREST of a leading figure in Irish history and his subsequent sending to jail in Sligo was recalled yesterday, Tuesday.

Historian Dr Eamon Phoenix was reporting the 100th anniversary of the capture of revolutionary Michael Collins.

He was writing in The Irish News “On This Day,” which recalled the news headlines of April 3rd 1918.

The Collins story and his imprisonment in Sligo is the cover story feature in the current edition of “History Ireland.” See link below.

A century ago, the capture of Collins was reported as “National Aid Secretary Arrested.”

Exciting Scene

It said: “An exciting scene was witnessed on O’Connell Bridge, Dublin yesterday morning when Mr Michael Collins, secretary of the National Aid Fund, was arrested by two detectives.

“A large crowd assembled and a scuffle ensued,” added Dr Phoenix.

“The charge against Mr Collins,” continued the story, “is understood to be one under the Defence of the Realms Regulations.

“(That is) in connection with a speech delivered in Granard, County Longford, where he will be brought to trial.”

Footnote: After Collins court appearance in Longford he was remanded to Sligo Jail.

Link: See Sligo Today 7/3/2018.