Updated: 06/04/18 : 07:45:14
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FF accuses Agri Minister of 'making it up as he goes along' on fodder crisis

The Minister for Agriculture's been accused of "making it up as he goes along" in dealing with the fodder shortage.

Fianna Fáil says Michael Creed's €1.5m scheme for dairy co-ops to import animal feed doesn't go far enough.

It wants the subsidies extended to all co-ops, as well as private feed merchants.

The party's Agriculture Spokesperson, Charlie McConalogue, says the Minister needs to re-visit his approach to the crisis.

He said: "I Think the minister has been very much caught on the back foot in relation to the response to the fodder crisis.

"The scheme he has announced while welcome but inadequate.

"He has unfortunately confined it to dairy co-cops only to administer the scheme, leaving out mart co-ops and private feed merchants."

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