Updated: 08/04/18 : 10:04:52
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Abortion vote could be ‘Trump, Brexit’ moment for Ireland

By Eugene McGloin

FORMER SLIGO town resident Patrick McCabe believes the referendum on abortion next month could be a “Brexit/ Trump” moment for Ireland.

The acclaimed author of “The Butcher Boy” warns the vote could expose divisions between rural voters and city-dwellers.

Alienate Voters

This would be similar to Trump’s triumph and Britain’s Brexit vote, McCabe days in an interview with Henry McDonald in The Observer today, Sunday.

There is a danger, adds McCabe, that sections of the “metropolitan media in Dublin” could alienate voters in rural constituencies and help usher in a ‘no’ vote against abortion reform.

McCabe, who was twice nominated for the Booker Prize, lived in Sligo town’s west ward for a time.

Tight Referendum

He said parts of the Dublin media should never ignore the importance of the midwest and western parts of Ireland.

“The referendum is going to be interesting, and it is going to be tight. 

“The Dublin media look upon the people from places such as where I am from like ‘local colour.’

“They are the types who they’d like to have at the party but would never like to see them having a ring around their daughter’s finger. 

“They look down on these people for their ‘uncouthness and boorishness.’

See ‘The Observer’ for full interview.