Updated: 16/04/18 : 12:48:13
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Questions raised by family of homeless man found dead in Tallaght Hospital

The brother of a man found dead in a Dublin emergency department wants to know why he was left there so long.

40-year-old Brian Hamilton was found in a chair in the waiting room of Tallaght Hospital on Saturday.

A statement from the hospital says he had been sheltering there and had not sought medical attention.

His brother Michael has told 98FM's Dublin Talks he had registered as homeless to avail of a detox programme.

Michael said: "He was in rehab, we weren't even aware he'd left, he was in residential care for his alcohol addiction and the only way we could get him into it was to register him as homeless.

"I went up to identify his body at 3:45 on Saturday and I could tell myself, and I'm not a doctor, that he was dead a long time. I could tell by the colour of his face."

The Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has been asked to order a review after the tragic incident.

It is believed the man had been taking shelter in the hospital's emergency department and had not sought treatment.

An investigation was launched after he was discovered unresponsive on Saturday afternoon.