Updated: 20/04/18 : 06:49:58
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Save the 8th comment on Irish Times opinion poll

Save the 8th has issued a comment on today’s Irish Times opinion poll, which shows the yes vote slipping to 47%.

Niamh UiBhriain said, “This poll confirms what we have known for some time: the more people get to know about the consequences of a YES vote, the less likely they are to vote yes.

Notably, a third of those currently saying they will vote yes believe 12 weeks goes too far. As they focus on what their votes will mean in the coming weeks, the referendum will tighten further.

Most importantly, we believe that when they find out that this proposal would also allow the abortion of a healthy baby, on UK style grounds, at 6 months gestation, many of those voters will reconsider their votes.

The Irish people do not want abortion on demand. They never have. They never will. That is what they are being offered in this referendum, and that is why we are increasingly confident that the 8th amendment will be retained.

Today’s poll is essentially the starting point for the campaign – with five weeks to go, most voters are only beginning to turn their attention to the referendum, and as they do so, the YES vote continues to slide, and is now, significantly, below 50%. On a historical basis, this is an extremely strong position for any NO campaign to be in.”