Updated: 26/04/18 : 05:36:47
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Lord Edward St beggar causes concern to residents

A Lord Edward St resident is causing disquiet amongst his neighbours with his unique begging activities.

The man, believed to be in his 60s, is understood to be a gambling addict constantly needing a flow of income to fuel his habit.

His activities usually starts in the evening between 6 and 7pm and stands by the traffic lights on Lord Edward St waiting for the lights to change to red.

Stationary cars at the lights have their window rapped by the Sligo beggar to attract the driver's or passengers' attention and lower their window.

Whereupon, preying on their good nature, they receive a horrific tale of woe which is a 'web of lies', said one local.

Another local resident told Sligo Today, "He spins a terrible lie on order to get drivers to feel sorry for his situation. He is constantly begging for various sums of money from what driver is foolish to hand over what ever they have.

"They think that they are doing a good deed but in actual fact they are feeding his terrible habits. People must be on their guard and under no circumstances are they to give any such money to this deceiving lying dishonest gambling man.

"So if you see this man approaching your car under no circumstances should you to engage any such conversation. My message to the public is to stay clear," concluded the concerned resident.