Updated: 27/04/18 : 11:14:36
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Renua Ireland welcomes closing of courts' swing doors

Renua Ireland's Sligo general election candidate Finbarr Filan has welcomed the arrival of more stringent sentencing provisions in the wake of a series of recent high-profile cases.

His party was responding to the near doubling of the sentences of two criminals involved in a "fatal burglary” where a 62-year-old collapsed and died in County Limerick.

Renua said: ‘’We welcome the decision of the Court of Appeal to lay down tough guidelines on sentencing burglars in the wake of a series of high-profile cases, often involving threats or violence against the homeowner.

“For far too long when it comes to serious crimes the only bars burglars saw was lounge bars after yet another suspended sentence with counselling and probation. At last the Judiciary are listening.”

When the victim collapsed and died as he was about to confront the intruders they ran away without offering help. Originally the defendants were sentenced to four-and-a-half years' imprisonment with the final year suspended.

The Court of Appeal found the sentences to be "unduly lenient” and they were both re-sentenced yesterday to seven years with the final eight months suspended.

In separate cases the Court of Appeal increased a burglar's three-month prison sentence to two-and-a-half years and another 21-year-old burglar, with 64 previous convictions, had his prison sentence doubled from three and a half years to seven with the final two suspended.

Mr Filan added, ‘’This is typical of Justice as it is experienced by citizens. It justifies our three strikes and you are out for a decade stance for individuals out on bail on burglary sprees.

“These thugs have turned rural Ireland into their playground and reduced frightened farmers to the scenario where they must take sleeping tablets at night.

“My party also welcomes the new common-sense list of what constitutes an aggravated burglary. Planning and premeditation; two or more participants acting together; the targeting of residential properties, especially in rural areas and the targeting of residential property because the occupant was known to be vulnerable because of age, disability or some other factor.

“Our only complaint is that sentencing is still too soft for those who have turned rural Ireland into the night time equivalent of an occupied state. Prison for ten years; no more and no less is where we stand on these urban and rural terrorists," concluded the Sligo based candidate.