Updated: 27/04/18 : 12:23:40
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YES campaign launches male awareness initiative in Sligo

The Together for Yes Campaign are calling on men across Sligo to ‘respect and protect’ women by voting YES in the upcoming referendum. Internal canvass reports indicate that male voters can be hesitant to engage in the current referendum debate, and the Campaign has launched an awareness initiative to increase male involvement in the Sligo conversation.

Together for Yes Sligo spokesperson Corey Whyte said; “We understand that men might be hesitant to engage in this debate, as the 8th amendment is largely seen as a women’s healthcare issue. But the 8th is also an issue for men because it affects their daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces and friends.  Together For Yes is urging men, young and old, to engage in the referendum debate by sharing their story with our campaign, have a discussion, or joining one of our men-specific events around the country.

"Most men feel compassion for the women who are damaged by the 8th Amendment - for the 3,000 women forced to travel overseas and the countless other forced to buy illegal pills online comes through. A YES vote allows us to create a safer, compassionate, and regulated system that protects women, their partners and families.

                              Together for Yes Sligo spokesperson Corey Whyte

A ‘No’ vote does nothing to improve the situation for those women and men who receive a diagnosis of fatal foetal anomaly or need to access abortion services due to a risk to health of the pregnant woman."

Local musician Shane Leonard has called for a Yes vote saying,
“The 8th amendment doesn't work. We can't ignore the damage it's doing to Irish Women“.

Ex-international footballer Richie Sadlier said; “Men have been forced to travel with their partners overseas, they have lost partners to the 8th, their daughters have suffered this indignity without them even knowing in some cases. They have a huge role to play in this referendum and I’m asking them to inform themselves, read the literature, talk to their families and friends. I’m afraid that too many men don’t realise that they have a key role in this referendum. If they think they can stand on the side line, they are really saying that the status quo is ok. Men need to respect and protect women by voting yes and recognise they are also saving men from the damaging effects of watching the 8th harming their wives, girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters.”

Playwright and author Michael Harding has given his support for a Yes, saying: ‘I trust women. If your child ends up in trouble, you don't turn her away and you don't blame her. You put your arms around her and you say no matter else , I will stand by you. and you say that not conditionally, not I will stand by you if I agree with what you're doing. You stand by your children, you may not understand them , you may not understand the complexity of why they want to do this that or the other but you stand by them not because you approve but because it's love, it's compassion, it's care. To support somebody at a time when they need your support.”