Updated: 30/04/18 : 05:54:48
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Councillor raises Japanese Knotweed problem at meeting

At the recent Ballymote/Tubbercurry  Municipal District Council meeting Cllr Margaret Gormley (Independent), tabled a motion with regard to the growing problem of Japanese Knotweed in the county.

The Bunninadden based councilor said, "Japanese Knotweed is a very dangerous species.

"It can grow through concrete walls, buildings, come up through foundations, destroy an entire house, come through footpaths, tarmac, also very dangerous along watercourses.

"TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) was given 5.5 million to deal with the problem on the National Roads. Measures need to be put in place for regional and local roads.

"People need to be educated on how best to deal with this dangerous species. The first reaction of people is to cut it down thinking this will get rid of it when in fact it only spreads it more.

"This is not just a County Sligo problem its country wide so there is a onus on the government to provide funding to help local authorities to deal with the problem."

                                      Japanese Knotweed growing through tarmac

Paddy Hughes, Senior Executive Engineer with Sligo County Council responded in writing to Cllr Gormley.

In his letter he outlined that the council is currently drafting a policy for the control of Invasive Alien Species which will include measures relating to the control of Japanese Knotwood on other public lands, including regional and local roads.

These measures will include identification and mapping of areas affected as well as treatment where appropriate.