Updated: 03/05/18 : 05:26:04
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Sligo Together For Yes campaign marks three weeks until polling day

Removing the 8th Amendment from the Constitution is the only way to protect women and couples who receive a devastating diagnosis of fatal foetal anomaly, according to Sligo Together For Yes campaign.

Sligo Together for Yes spokesperson Lorri Kelly said, “Imagine if your daughter, sister, niece or mother received the devastating news that their happy pregnancy involves a fatal foetal anomaly, you would want them to be able to access safe and legal healthcare in their own country. You would want them to be cared for and supported at home in Ireland. This is equally the case for women who become pregnant as a result of rape or are told their pregnancy could cause serious health problems.”

Lorri continued: “The only way to change how Ireland treats women in these crisis situations is by voting YES on May 25th. We know the 8th Amendment harms women in Ireland and puts them at risk every single day. We know thousands of women are having abortions every day without proper supervision. We know we need to remove it in order to create a more compassionate, supportive environment for our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts and nieces.”

Dr Mary Favier of Doctors Together For Yes said: “As a GP, I see cases first-hand where an excited couple, expecting a child, is given the diagnosis that there is a fatal foetal anomaly and they must decide whether to continue the pregnancy or terminate it. The 8th Amendment harms women and couples in this situation by placing an unfair and unkind emotional and practical burden upon them, of having to travel at an extremely difficult and heart-breaking time. As a GP, it is difficult to have to send these patients away, when I have been unable to provide the healthcare they need at such a time.”