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Funeral today of mother murdered in Sligo

THE FUNERAL takes place today of Natalia Karaczyn, the young mother murdered in Sligo town last weekend.

Friends and family will accompany Natalia (30) from the funeral home in Market Yard, where she publicly reposed last night, the short distance to church.

Natalia’s remains will arrive from the Foley & McGowan funeral home for 11.30am Mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

This Mass will be available to view on the worldwide web at sligocathedral.ie

Three Sons

Mourners will include members of her family, named in the rip.ie death notice. 

The murdered mother is survived by both parents, Regina and Zenon Kurmin.

In the death notice, the Kurmin couple describe Natalia as “cherished daughter.”

Her three young sons in Crozon Park, Sligo are Oskar, Nikodem and Max.

Friends of the family have set up a special GoFundMe page in order to support the three boys that has so far raised just over €10,000.

Natalia from the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski in western Poland is also survived by sister Magdalena and her husband, Colin McMorrow in Sligo town.

The murdered mother has two brothers, Jedrzej and Wojciech, who both live in Poland.

Natalia herself had chosen Sligo as her home for most of the past decade, part of a sizeable local Polish community.

Census 2016 showed that Polish now outnumber UK immigrants into Ireland, with an average age of 31 years.

This afternoon, the funeral will arrive at Lakelands Crematorium in Cavan.

Murder Remand

Yesterday, the deceased woman’s husband, Rafal (32), appeared before Mr Justice Kevin Kilraine at Sligo District Court accused of her murder.

He was remanded in custody to appear at Harristown District Court this morning, Friday.

Sgt Cathal Duffy told the Sligo court yesterday that Mr Karaczyn was arrested 6.58pm on Wednesday and charged with murder at 7.43pm at Ballymote Garda Station but made no reply.

Defence barrister Keith O’Grady put it to the officer that his client had been first arrested on Sunday night and interviewed throughout Monday and into Tuesday before being released without charge.

Sgt Duffy agreed that Natalia’s body was found following revelations made to them by Karaczyn.

He explained: “Within three hours he attended voluntarily at the ­station. He wanted to make certain matters known to Gardai.

“Arising out of that, the deceased’s body was recovered.” Mr O’Grady also asked that his client be “placed on suicide watch”.

Sgt Duffy confirmed that gardai “took action in respect of that concern last night”.

Mr O’Grady also said Natalia’s family were in court to support Karaczyn, stating: “The family of the deceased want it made known that they are here to support him.”


The slain Sligo mum left behind three young sons but her sister said nine-year-old Oskar is the only one who really grasps what happened.

Her sister, Magdalena McMorrow said: “We told him that mummy is not coming back and he took it quite badly.

“He was very, very upset. We explained that our family is big and we are going to do everything we can. We are going to support them and we love them very much.

“We told him how when he goes to Poland he will go fishing with my brother and we told him ­everything that is ahead of him and he is very excited looking forward to going to Poland.”

Regarding the GoFundMe page Magdalena said, “I didn’t even know it was going ahead. I just heard about it from people. I just can’t believe how ­generous people are and how good they are because these boys.

“I know that we never going to be able to bring their mummy back and nothing is going to replace her but at least to know that they have financial support and that they will be looked after.

“That is just a massive thing and a massive weight off my shoulders and my family’s shoulders.”

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