Updated: 04/05/18 : 06:32:46
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Flood relief scheme confirmed for Sligo Town

One hundred and eighteen new flood relief schemes, including Sligo Town, are to go ahead in the north west, midlands, north east and the south coast, the Office of Public Works confirmed yesterday.

Mapping carried out in some of the areas worst affected by the floods in the last decade had shown that 34,500 properties are now assessed as being at risk of flooding and 50 new schemes are to proceed immediately to the design stage.  See link below.

Speaking at the launch of a ten-year 1 billion programme of investment in flood relief measures in Athlone, Minister of State for the Office of Public Works, Kevin 'Boxer' Moran, said he would now hold detailed discussions with the insurance companies to examine areas where insurance cover is still not available despite the fact that 42 major schemes have already been completed.

Several flood schemes have been prioritised in today's plan.  

In Sligo, 260,000 has been allocated for Rathbraughan,  Mowlam Nursing home and Woodlands estate.

Cllr Marie Casserly said she was delighted, after consistent lobbying of the minister, to see action taken to help alleviate the problems caused in these local areas by flooding.

    Minister Kevin 'Boxer' Moran outlining to Cllr Marie Casserly the benefits of the  flood relief
     scheme to Sligo at the launch of the programme yesterday in Athlone, Co Westmeath.

A six-year study of 300 identified communities, including 90 coastal areas, most impacted by flooding, has been carried out by the Office of Public Works' Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management programme.

A ten-year capital programme has already been costed at 1bn to tackle the first 29 schemes.

A group supporting communities at risk of flooding has welcomed today's announcement, but warned that difficulty re-insuring is hindering economic development.

    Fire service personnel dealing with flooding in the Woodland Estate, Sligo earlier this year

Link: http://www.floodinfo.ie/