Updated: 10/05/18 : 09:39:29
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Google must explain why they are interfering in the 8th Referendum - Filan

The decision by Google to ban all advertising from today relating to the referendum in Ireland later this month on whether to retain or repeal the Eighth Amendment has caused a host of comments across all media platforms.

Commenting on the Google decision Finbarr Filan, RENUA Irelandís Sligo Leitrim candidate told Sligo Today, "GOOGLE must come out from behind the shadows they currently reside and explain why they have interfered in the referendum to Repeal the Eighth.

"The positioning of Facebook re foreign advertising is understandable and defensible.

"However, the decision of Google to impose a blanket ban on freedom of information and advertising represents an act of interference in the conduct of a referendum by a sovereign state.

"Google cannot be allowed hide in the dark on this.

"They must respond to the hidden question as to whether this decision was made because of political pressure to help the failing Repeal campaign."

'Dangerous precedent'

Mr Filan continued, "The timing of this is all very curious; given that the rules of engagement has been changed mid campaign in the middle of an anti-Repeal surge.
"It sets a dangerous precedent for future campaigns where Google and Facebook again decide how much and what information the people have"

Mr Filan also noted though that "We can overemphasise the role of social media. I firmly believe the old-fashioned ground war of meeting the people on a face to face basis is far more effective. 

"Renua Ireland has and will continue to do the hard yards of campaigning from the main street to the churchyard to the housing estate.  Real interaction comes with a hello and a human face."

Concluding, the Sligo-based general election candidate said, "We may only be the infantry but often the humble soldier on the ground rather than high technology wins the battle. We consider it a privilege and a duty rather than an imposition to debate this issue with real people and we are getting a great response."