Updated: 22/05/18 : 14:27:40
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Irish Water boil notice partially lifted

Irish Water has announced that Bellaghy customers are now receiving clean, secure water from Charlestown supply and no longer need to boil water before consumption.

This has been made possible due to the cross cooperation of both Sligo and Mayo County Councils working in partnership with Irish Water.

It means that approximately 785 customers in the Bellaghy area do not need to continue boiling water before consumption and will remain on the Charlestown supply until further notice.

The Connaught Telegraph reports that the areas being removed from the boil water notice include Bellaghy, Sandyhill, Cloonaughill, Cully, the southern 80% part of Bunnacrannagh, Brackloonagh, Brogher, Lissard, and Curryfuel.

Irish Water will phone or write to the customers in the Bunnacrannagh area who are being removed from the boil water notice and customers who reside in this area are advised to keep boiling water before consumption until they receive either a call or letter from Irish Water.

The remaining customers on the Lough Talt supply are reminded to continue boiling water until further notice.

The boil water notice was put in place on February 5 following a detection of cryptosporidium during routine sampling at the water treatment plant. An increased continuous weekly sampling plan was implemented and five further detections of cryptosporidium were found both at the plant and in the supply network.

Following further consultation with the HSE, it was advised that the boil water notice should remain in place until mid-may to coincide with the high risk cryptosporidium season. Continued sampling occurred over a total period of 16 weeks. Zero detections have been recorded since March 7 representing 10 successive weeks of clear sampling through the high risk cryptosporidium season.

The HSE have informed Irish Water they are investigating reported cases of cryptosporidiosis in the community and while the source of transmission is unclear at this point, in the interest of public health the HSE advised that the notice continues for another four weeks. Sampling will continue during this time and all results will be reviewed by the relevant stakeholders.

The level of treatment currently provided at the Lough Talt water treatment plant does not provide adequate protection against cryptosporidium. Irish Water is advising customers that in the absence of a validated cryptosporidium barrier there is a risk of further cryptosporidium detections in the supply.

Irish Water will be lodging a planning application to Sligo County Council in the coming days for the provision of an emergency water treatment plant to address the absence of an effective crypto barrier and also to provide mitigation against the formation of Trihalomethanes (THMs).

Customers are reminded to continue to boil water before consumption including the washing of teeth, making of ice and in the preparation of food that is not cooked. It is imperative that people adhere to the boil water notice.

A map of the scheme is available on the Irish Water and Sligo County Councilís websites.

Further information and additional advice for customers on the boil water notice is available by calling Irish Waterís 24-hour customer care helpline on 1850 278 278, billing enquiries on 1850 778 778.