Updated: 24/05/18 : 05:18:29
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Toys site needs ‘thumbs up’ for new shop

‘TOY SALES’ were a specific condition in a planning permission at Cleveragh fourteen years ago.

Smyths Toys moves to another site and new tenants wanted to open a retail unit in the original space.

Newer Venture

The brand name for their newer venture was ‘Mr Price Branded Bargains.’

But Sligo County Council decided last year, in line with its 2004 decision, that the new venture needed planning permission.

Rejected Viewpoint

The retail venture felt they were an exempted development, that the site already had planning permission.

However, earlier this month the statutory planning authority Bord Pleanala rejected this viewpoint.

Pleanala has now informed Corajio,  which trades as ‘Mr Nice Branded Bargains’ of its final decision.

It’s inspector Stephen J O’Sullivan found that the new store had 90%  of space allocated to household items and 10% to an aisle with non-perishable food.

He noted that the unit at No 1 Cleveragh Business Park had neighbours including Argos and Mothercare.

The Board of Bord Pleanala agreed with Mr O’Sullivan’s assessment.

They also accepted his recommendation that ‘Mr Price Branded Bargains’ is not an exempted development, ie needs a new planning permit.

Link: http://www.pleanala.ie/casenum/RL3573.htm