Sligo Today Editorial

Compiled by Eugene McGloin

30 quiz questions on offer, covering several aspects of Sligo and surroundings, to tease readers.

There were also thirty points to be gained in each of the five rounds.

Some answers had surfaced throughout the past year or so in Sligo Today.

For other questions it helped to have a copy of Kevin Colreavy's book. See answer below.

There were also a few 'Internet-proofed' teasers in there again this year.


1. The winners of the Senior All Ireland Ceili Band competition in the 2015 Fleadh and 2014 Fleadh, both held in Sligo. Name the two counties the winners came from, two points each. Four points.

Fermanagh and Cork;

2. Pontoon is a famous village in Co Mayo but why did that name float back into the news in Sligo during 2015. Four points.

Approval granted by Sligo County Council to a group of local businessmen for a floating pontoon at Doorly Park to facilitate boarding of the river cruiser;

3. Sligo priest opted out of his post after more than three decades. His name, exact spelling, and what do initials 'PPE' signify after his name. Six points for either answer.

Fr Dominick Gillooly,  Parish Priest at St Anne's since the 1980s. PPE is Parish Priest Emeritus - ie he has retired but still delivers an active daily role;

4. Long established Sligo based newspaper journalist moved into radio in 2015. Name of newspaper he wrote for abroad. Six points.

Harry Keaney, now heard on Ocean FM, wrote extensively for the Irish Echo newspaper in New York;

5. Ten pointer: Sligo housing estate named after 1916 Easter Rising participant. Which one? What Christmas Week event specifically links the same person to Sean Treacy of Tipperary. Five points for each section.

Martin Savage Terrace named after Sligo's 1916 participant;
Christmas Week 1919 ambush saw Savage, Treacy and others were joined by Dan Breen in the ambush of British Army chief Lord French at Ashtown, near Dublin.

'Get Out of Jail:' American writer on sport and with links to Canada who visited Sligo town bookshop last summer and signed copies of his book. Author's name and which shop.

Richard Ford visited Liber in O'Connell Street. His books titles include Canada and The Sportswriter;


1. Won the Owen B Hunt Cup as Sligo GAA Senior Football champions in 2015. Name the club.

Winners were St Mary's GAA Club, Sligo town;

2. Sligo Rovers current manager Dave Robertson once served as a commando in the British army. Question: Two points each to name (a) his regiment (b) Which Irish city did he serve in?

Peterborough Today website named the unit as the Royal Marines and said they had done two tours of duty in west Belfast;

3. Hurling - Name of manager who most recently led the Sligo county team to hurling glory in Croke Park.

The late Michael Galvin when Sligo won Nicky Rickard Cup in 2008;

4. Boxing -- former Sligo Champion journalist wrote a book on the subject in 2015. Book title, the author and his home village. Six points or two points for each correct part.

''Punching Above Their Weight'' was written by Sean McGoldrick from Dromahaire and featured extensively on RTE's Six One TV News;

5. Ten pointer: Sligo Rovers goalkeepers all, five names required: this goalkeeper scored winning goal in a League of Ireland game, this goalie was advertised internationally as ''the man in black,'' this goalie died in Sligo in 2015, goalkeeper named on Sligo Today 'best eleven' of past half century, this goalkeeper was a noted guitar player home and abroad. Ten points for all five names, two points for any correct answer.

The late Fintan Brett, versus Limerick, 1-0 win, he lined out at right back that game in 1960s;
Finnbar Flood -- the ex boss of Guinness - advertisement when he played in Scotland with Morton;
The late Tommy Oates of St Anne's Terrace and noted referee later died in 2015;
Alan Patterson, probably the best ever goalkeeper seen for Rovers in the Showgrounds;
The late Charlie McGee from Co Derry, noted touring musician who played ''the gay guitar;''

'Get Out of Jail:' Two people prominently associated with Sligo Rovers have played in Croke Park on All Ireland GAA football finals day. Name both.

Vincent Nally and Michael Schlingermann, both with Mayo Minors.


1. This woman questioned in a lengthy report in 2015 whether Yeats bones were buried in Drumcliffe. Name her for four points.

Lara Marlowe, French Correspondent of The Irish Times;

2. Woman commemorated in statue in centre of Sligo town. Name her.

Lady Erin at Market Cross;

3. This woman threw the ball in at a match in The Showgrounds in 1924. Her name and either of the teams for six points.

Madame Markievicz threw in the ball in 1924, it was a Gaelic football match, attended by 3,000 approx; Sligo ex internees beat their Dublin counterparts 2-2 to 1-3;

4. Sligo woman released 2015 song which would not have disappointed World Cup winner Jack Charlton on his non soccer visits to the west of Ireland. Three points each for singer and her song. Tough one, no codding.

Local singer Lisa Stanley released ''The Girl With The Fishing Rod'' in several formats including iTunes, much superior too to several of the American versions;

5. Ten pointer: First ever female member of Sligo Chess Club features in a chapter of a book published locally in 2015. Name her.

Late Mamie O'Shea of John Street featured in Kevin Colreavy's ''Stories of the Showgrounds;

'Get Out of Jail:' Woman who went to school in Sligo town sang the only all-Irish song ever to make the UK top five. Her name and the title of her song.

Moyà Brennan of Clannad and ''(Theme from) Harry's Game.''


1. John Perry has lost just one election in a lengthy political career. Four points for the details.

Sligo County Council June 1985, Ballymote electoral area. Never lost a Dail election;

2. Longest serving Sligo based TD in Dáil Éireann in the 20th century. Four points for correct answer.

Eugene Gilbride of Fianna Fáil despite losing two early elections;

3. ''Land and People in Nineteenth Century Sligo'' was published in 2015. Name its Sligo town author.

Padraig Deignan, the author of several interesting local histories;

4. Five former Mayors of Sligo borough lost out in the May 2014 elections to Sligo County Council? Six points to name all of them, with one point for any individual correct answer.

Matt Lyons;
David Cawley;
Jim McGarry;
Veronica Cawley;
Marcella McGarry;

5. Ten pointer: What are the next years in the Irish political sequence 1948, 1973, 1982. Ten points.

They are years in which general elections were all held in February. Next year's in that sequence were 1987, 2011.....and maybe yet to come is February 2016!;

'Get Out of Jail:' Name and which year a one-time IRA Chief of Staff was successful on Sligo ballot papers in a Dail election. Three points each for the year and the name.

Year was 1957, John Joe McGirl elected Sinn Fein abstentionist TD for Sligo/Leitrim. Subsequently he briefly became IRA leader.;


1. Sligo based artist achieved record price in 2007 for his 1975 painting. Four points for his name.

Sean McSweeney, living at Ballyconnell. His 1975 landscape painting ''Summer Fields'' was sold in 2007 by James Adams, Dublin, for €18,000;

2. Sligo theatre goers will see the work early in 2016 of a Nobel Prize winner. Four points for the name of the author, or the winning year or the name of the work which will be staged in Sligo.

John Steinbeck, Nobel Prize 1962;
Of Mice and Men will be staged in Hawks Well Theatre;

3. A new book on Sligo parliamentary elections over the centuries up to 1918. The author's name, exact spelling, for six points.

John McTernan, the former Sligo County Librarian and author of many local histories, including the GAA;

4. Maureen O'Hara died this year. Which song about a honeymoon spent in Sligo compares the Hollywood star with the wife? Six points.

Song was ''Sligo Honeymoon 1946'' sung by its writer, Terry Clarke. CD ''The Shelly River.''

Extract: ''So many journeys start at Holyhead/New wedding ring shining in the customs shed/He said I want to show you down around Connemara/My mother's wedding photo looked like a young Maureen O'Hara.''

5. Ten pointer: Sheepdog racing is the covering clue. Sligo man from well known family wrote a priceless book with sporting theme in 2015. Please name the author, the book title and/or why was his work priceless.

Kevin Colreavy, Sligo County Council Communications Officer, wrote ''Stories of the Showgrounds,' published by the Sligo Rovers Heritage Group;

Book was not on general sale -- hence no price -- but season ticket holders in the Showgrounds last year got a copy;

Cover photo montage of famous players etc included an advert for sheepdog racing in Showgrounds;

'Get Out of Jail:' Sligo based writer of international fame who established a specific connection in 2015 to The Beatles. Name writer or which Beatle for three points each.

Kevin Barry wrote ''Beatlebone,'' based around John Lennon's purchase of an island off Mayo;

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