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I would like to make your readers aware of the scandalous development of the EPA 2 year-research study on Fracking in Ireland.

Citizens were led to believe that this was to be an independent study to advise  the Government (North and South) on Fracking. However, it has emerged that the main contributors ( CDM Smith and AMEC Foster Wheeler) to the study are currently working for the oil and gas industry! The universities that were to be involved have either only minor contributions (UCD and UU) pulled out of the research altogether (Queens University Belfast)  ! So the EPA study is a farce and not fit for purpose.

It is not far fetched that as a nation if we lose only 10% of our (existing)  agri-food income as a result of Fracking tarnishing our reputation for safe, good  food then the( potential) financial "benefits " of Fracking would be wiped out. We would still be left with the legacy of a damaged food agriculture and tourism industry and a big cleanup bill, plus irreversible damage to our land, water and health.

Farmers, food producers and tourism providers should be up in arms  about this Scandalous "independent" EPA study that we are all funding with tax payers money! the analogy is :   pay the burglars 100Euro and invite them into my house on Monday for a reconnaissance mission so they can come back an clear out my house on Wednesday.

Stop the stud! journalists uncover the truth about the EPA!

I call on all landowners and farmers to participate in the publicity event outside Leinster House on November 5th at 12 noon. Get informed. Demand of you public representatives to stop the study! Lock the Gates and don't invite the burglars in!

Ursula O Connor,
Co. Sligo,

Ursula and her family make  their living from Equestrian tourism, farming Cattle and sheep.


Dear Editor,

Money & Relationships ...

There is hardly a surprise in stating that money has an effect on relationships. In a society that uses money as a general means of exchange between people this seems rather inevitable. Common wisdom seems to provide convenient certainties: money makes the world go round, you can't eat money, money isn't everything, money has wings, money is the root of all evil, money doesn't smell, time is money … There is an abundance of these 'in-your-face-statements' and we all have heard, and by times used, them. When it comes to our real life experiences things are unfortunately not always as easy as proverbial wisdom suggests.

We have to find our way through a complex and often contradictory mesh of social relationships. Family, work, leisure, business, politics, all account for different social requirements. And yet, in all of them money plays a role. To navigate our way through these spheres and stay half-way sane we need to integrate these different requirements into a more or less coherent picture of our self.

If you would like to take part in a critical investigation into the relationships between money and relationships, the project “MONEY & RELATIONSHIPS …” might be for you. The purpose of the suggested project is to come to a clearer understanding of the effects that money has on relationships, in the different spheres, and how we deal with this.

This project has no pre-set result. We will engage in a collective learning process. Learning here is understood as learning from each other and extending our knowledge by collectively researching our own stories. We will try to identify the socially suggested norms and values in relation to money. But social norms and values are in flux, as a result of individual agency. Thus we will also try to see us as actors in the social mix. In the project we will use a method called memory-work. This is a method in which after initial discussion we will write short stories based on our own experiences. These are used as material for further investigation.

For whom is this project?
Anyone with an interest in a process of collective research guided by the questions: What does money do to our relationships? And what do we do with what money does to our relationships?

Time and Place
We are looking for participation from the wider Sligo area, but really the main aspect is a personal interest in the topic. On this basis we will build a group that will decide collectively on concrete meeting times and location. Frequency of meetings will depend on availability and commitment of participants.

Info / Contact:

Robert Hamm – 071 9150428

Posted on 23/10/15 : 07:47:23