Sligo Today Editorial

By Declan Foley

The 'uncivil and totally un-Christian' war of words on fetal termination is about to erupt, yet again, in the Irish Republic. There will be facts; counter facts; half-truths countering half-truths; the one true God's personal representatives will recite ceaseless prayers pleading with Him/Her to change the thinking, not alone of those women who want the right to decide for themselves, but the thinking of the legislature: a supposedly secular legislature. 

I, for one have great difficulty with the refusal of those opposing the removal, and or dilution, of the Eight Amendment, to accept the important philosophy of 'free will' in matters of conscience. Will the Ten Commandments along with Christian "love and charity" be locked away in the tabernacle for the duration?

Termination of pregnancy has, and always will be available to people with money, that aside, the death of any woman from medical complications due to the denial of a termination of a fetus, in the 21 century, is in fact murder. No human being, irrespective of a strongly held personal tenet, has the authority to sentence a woman to death in these circumstances, for this is exactly what the Eight Amendment enforces.

A nation may legislate as much as it wants, but no nation can, nor should, legislate for morals.There are a host of 'immoral' acts being committed every day all over the world, that impact far more upon society, and the rights of human beings. Fix these injustices, and the need for the termination of innumerable pregnancies would surely lessen.

Declan Foley
Berwick, Australia

Posted on 28/04/17 : 05:29:08