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Pharmacists Urge Men to Tackle Health Concerns

Added: 15/06/16 : 14:52:30

      In the break between the Ireland/Sweden Euro 2016 match and Saturday’s showdown with Belgium, Irish men are reminded that this is Men’s Health Week and are being advised to have a chat with their local pharmacist about any health concerns.

According to community pharmacist and President of the Irish Pharmacy Union, Daragh Connolly, “It’s a cliché that men are not good at opening up about their health. That’s a real problem because we know that, if detected early, a lot of conditions are more treatable and can have less of a negative impact on health and well-being.

“Quite a number of serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, can be controlled by a healthy lifestyle, and by reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking. Your local pharmacist can offer advice on all of this in a private consultation room.

“Taking action now will have real benefits for men resulting in a longer life,” added Mr Connolly.

A free Man Manual, “Challenges and Choices”, has been developed for Men’s Health Week and is available from community pharmacies across the country.

Men’s Health Week (13-19 June) is coordinated in Ireland by the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland. Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland soccer managers, Martin O’Neill and Michael O’Neill, are the faces of this year’s campaign.
Men's Health Week 2016

Added: 30/05/16 : 14:04:49

International Men's Health Week 2016 will run from Monday 13th until Sunday 19th June.  In Ireland, the focus will be upon 'Men United - for health and wellbeing', and everyone across the island is being asked to consider 'are we winning?' in relation to men's health.
Given that Euro 2016 fever is now getting into full swing, we are delighted to announce that Martin O'Neill (Republic of Ireland Team Manager) and Michael O'Neill (Northern Ireland Team Manager) are the public 'face' of Men's Health Week this year. 

Both men are, currently, featuring together in a nationwide poster / postcard campaign, and also appear on the cover of a new, free, ‘Challenges and Choices’ Man Manual which is being given to men across the island of Ireland.  To date, a staggering 8,000 copies of the poster, 12,000 postcards, and 47,000 copies of the booklet have been given out.

There are a number of resources which might help with your preparations for Men's Health Week this year

Everything you need to know about Men’s Health Week 2016 is now located in one place at: