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Public information evening on psychological disorders

Added: 10/06/15 : 04:06:47

Actualise, the evidence based practice founded by Dr. Michael Keane which can help to find the solution to people’s psychological disorders will host a public information evening on Monday, 15th June in the Clarion Hotel, Sligo at 7:30pm.

Using cutting edge technology, Actualise through neurofeedback training systems can help to find the solution to people’s psychological disorders, including Depression, anxiety, ADHD and panic attacks.

A Neuroscientist and former Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Nursing and Human Sciences at Dublin City University, Dr Michael Keane  is the first and only certified provider in the Republic of Ireland. Neurofeedback training and all Actualise programs are all based on a scientist practitioner model, so all work is science based.

Neurofeedback is a way of changing the way the brain works. It does not involve anything invasive – it is based on learning. It is biofeedback for the brain, in which you learn to better control the way your brain works. This can happen by measuring what the brain is doing using a device called the electroencephalogram (EEG).   Neurofeedback is widely used in Europe, the UK and US and this is the first clinic of its kind in Ireland.

“When your brain functions more efficiently, you receive positive feedback – when your brain is not functioning efficiently, you will receive no feedback,” explained Michael.

“This feedback can take many forms – a simple computer game will start and stop based on your brain's activity, or you can even bring your own favourite CD or DVD and that will start and stop based on your brain functioning. So when your brain works well, your DVD will play and this is rewarding. Over time, you learn to increase the rewards by improving the way your brain works.

In essence, neurofeedback allows you to gain more control over the way your brain works.

“We work with everyone from children of 6 years to adults of 60 years. Our clients can struggle with depression, anxiety, ADHD, aggression and panic attacks. Each case is so different, each person is wired unique to themselves and we tailor make each program with each person that comes through our doors. 'While we treat people with depression, panic and anxiety, most of our clients are children/teenagers with ADHD” said Michael.

To register to attend, log onto or for more details check out Actualise at

Sligo/ Leitrim West Cavan Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Added: 13/05/15 : 06:20:44

Sligo/Leitrim/W Cavan CAMHS is a team serving the 0 to 18 age group along with their families with moderate to severe mental health problems in this region.

The team comprises Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and dedicated allied health and social care professional’s and administrative staff. It is part of the training programme for the Royal College of Psychiatry Ireland. The team provide specialist assessment and consultation for suspected mental health disorders /developmental disorders (including signposting to other specialist services) and intervention to treat mental health problems.

From Tuesday 5th May 2105 CAMHS has relocated from Molloway House, The Mall, Sligo to First Floor, Nazareth House (Large Grey Building), Church Hill, Sligo. The new contact telephone number is 071-9113960. The premises is located within walking distance of Sligo’s main bus and train station. It is also accessed by car from the mid block route through Sligo. There are café facilities located in the adjacent New Nazareth building.

This move is intended to support the development and further expansion of the service to be one designed around client needs and preferences in line with best standards. The new location and facility is located alongside other children’s services. This will support its integration and work between services to support children and parents and enable them to experience a more streamlined service.

The CAMHS team stated ‘We are delighted to be moving the CAMHS service to this new facility.  This will mean that families will have access to the full CAMHS team at one location. This will help CAMHS to communicate more effectively with each other and help integrate our approach with children and their families.”

The service also provides more dedicated space to the various interventions offered by team.  The facility provides a bright and attractive space to deliver care to clients with a better waiting area for clients & their families and additional car parking.