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Public anger at water charges remains unabated

Added: 24/02/16 : 05:54:54

The huge turnout at last Saturday's demonstration, on the final weekend before the General Election, sends a clear message to the outgoing Government that public anger at water charges remains unabated. Cllr Declan Bree, told SligoToday

"Water charges have been the tipping point for many people - but they are just one manifestation of the austerity policies pursued by the outgoing Government and the previous Fianna Fáil/Green coalition.

“The Right2Water campaign has expanded to a Right2Change movement, calling not only for the abolition of Irish Water but commitments on housing, employment, health and public debt.

“Now, for the first time in our history, people are being offered the opportunity to vote for a real alternative and to vote for genuine change.” Cllr Bree said.
The people, not the State should own Ireland’s resources

Added: 10/02/16 : 09:16:55

Finbarr Filan RENUA Ireland candidate for Sligo Leitrim south Donegal and west Cavan  believes that lessons must be learned from Ireland’s attitude towards State assets.

In particular the ongoing saga surrounding oil licence fees has indicated the danger of putting the state rather than the people in charge of our natural resources.

To date only the few have benefited with regard to the dispensing of lucrative licenses during the recent history of the State.

Mr Filan  believes this must be combated on two fronts.

Ireland needs a referendum where ownership of our natural assets will be transferred to the people rather than the state.

This will require enabling legislation to create a national sovereign wealth fund to manage State assets.
This is the model which was adopted by Norway and by the Shetland Islands in Scotland and it has proven to be a viable option for developing their natural resources.

Following, hopefully a yes vote such a referendum should restore ownership of natural assets to the Irish people.

This applies to our forests, bogs, parks and areas of natural conservation, our water and extractive industries like oil, gas and mineral wealth.

In practical terms this will mean that Irish Water cannot be privatised.

This would also apply to our forests and similar natural resources.

Sligo based candidate John Perry TD Mammography contract to be signed next week

Added: 13/02/16 : 06:41:35

Delighted that following my confirmation that the tender for follow-up Mammography Services at Sligo University Hospital had been awarded, it was confirmed by the Minister for Health on his visit to Sligo that the contract will be signed next week.

The satellite follow-up service will provide a safe, quality and evidenced based service to women in the Sligo, Leitrim and South Donegal area.

This is something I have fought tooth and nail for since 2011 and that this was a red-line issue for me.

Approximately 300 patients travel for follow-up treatment to Galway annually and the initial decision not to provide a service in Sligo was grossly unfair and had to be reversed.

The service will operate under the governance of the Symptomatic Disease Service at Galway University Hospital and all reporting will be carried out by HSE Consultant Radiologists in Galway University Hospital".

Added: 22/12/15 : 18:25:25