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Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Added: 15/10/14 : 11:30:42

Some people say it is interfering with nature to spay or neuter an animal, but what is to become of all their babies? There are just not enough caring homes available for them all. All too often they are treated cruelly, abandoned or drowned.

There are animal welfare organisations all around the country literally bursting at the seams with adorable dogs, cats and rabbits looking for caring homes, so please don't make the situation worse by bringing more into the world.

It is strongly recommend that you get your pet spayed if it is female and neutered if it is male. As well as preventing unwanted offspring there are medical benefits, cancer is less likely to occur in older animals. We know it is lovely to see a litter of pups or kittens but spare a thought for their future.  

What is neutering?

Neutering or 'spaying' a female animal involves removing the womb and ovaries (an ovaro-hysterectomy). Males are castrated - the testicles are removed. Both operations are straightforward - they are carried out under general anaesthetic and the animals recover quickly.

When should a animal be neutered?

Thousands of unwanted puppies, kittens, etc are born every year, and neutering is advised at an early age, usually around 5-6 months old. This is a straightforward operation that can be arranged with a vet.

Unneutered females come into season several times a year. Dogs may have up to 12 puppies in each litter twice a year, an unneutered female cat can have three pregnancies a year and five or six kittens per litter, you do the maths!

Will my pet behave or look differently afterwards?

It may, but most owners think any changes are for the better. Unneutered males tend to be more aggressive than their neutered counterparts - they get into fights with other animals; they often escape from their owners in an attempt to find a female in season and are sometimes injured or cause traffic accidents as a result. Male animals, which are kept indoors, may turn their amorous attentions to pieces of furniture or even people. In dogs barking and ill temper are other symptoms of frustration  Tom-cats can be great wanderers and fighters which can lead to injury and infected wounds, and also mark their territory by urinating - this is called 'spraying'. The smell is difficult to eliminate.

Unneutered female dogs come into heat twice yearly for about three weeks each time and female cats come into heat three to four times a year. A bitch in heat usually attracts scores of visiting males to her owner's front door and windows. She will also be quite anxious to escape and, as a result, may be difficult to control. Females who have shown no interest in other animals before will have a change of mind when in heat.  Unneutered females can also go through phantom pregnancies which can lead to all sorts of odd behaviour and may even require veterinary attention to sort it out. They are also more prone to tumours of their breasts in later life and a serious disease of the womb called pyometra.

Will neutering make my pet fat?

No, it shouldn't. Animals generally only get fat from overeating. But a neutered animal may not need as much food as before and you should keep an eye on what you are giving it. Ask your vet for advise.

Is it best to let my pet have one litter first?

No, this is a myth. There is no good reason for letting a dog or cat produce a litter and the normal health risks associated with birth and pregnancy can actually be harmful.

How much will neutering cost?

This is a matter that you must discuss with your veterinary surgeon. Cost depends on the size of your pet and whether it is male or female.

Feral Wild Cats

Each Spring, uncontrolled breeding means that hundreds of litters of feral kittens are born, prey to disease and sickness. We collect thousands of abused, injured and sick cats and kittens each year.

Neutering your pet cat, both the males and females, will go a long way towards reducing the numbers of feral kittens being born each year.

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Spooky Halloween Information for Parents now available Online

Added: 29/09/14 : 13:17:23

Fed up trying to find interesting and entertaining ideas to keep your child entertained during the mid-term break? Looking for spooky Halloween family events near you? Then log on and let do the work for you!

Mykidstime has put together their spookiest ever Halloween & Mid Term Guide jam-packed with ideas for parents in Ireland.  Ranging from Spooky Events to Fun Crafts to Halloween Games and Ghostly Recipes, it is guaranteed to entertain the children during their holidays! 

Parents can also log on to and get ideas for Halloween activities and camps taking place during the mid-term break. With a host of suggestions including ideas for day trips, family walks, what to do on a rainy day, as well as details of Mid-term & Halloween Camps across Ireland, Mykidstime takes the hard work out of planning what to do with your children during this time.

Jill Holtz, one of the founders of Mykidstime said, "As parents, we know how hard it is to think of things to do during holidays, so our Halloween Guide has some great ideas for both indoors and outdoor activities including ones that won’t cost you a penny.  Just go to for a whole host of ideas. And if you’re a business running family events, activities or kids camps at Halloween and over the mid-term break you can list those for free on Mykidstime." is a free resource for parents. With a full range of listings for activities, classes and clubs for children of all ages, as well as information on services and events for children and families.  For more information log onto or email

Ice cream fever as spring arrives

Added: 11/03/14 : 08:48:19

As spring breaks with the promise of fairer weather one Sligo family will be hoping for even a warmer few months ahead.

The O'Gradys have been providing ice cream for several decades with their familiar vans providing memorable treats for children in Sligo and beyond since 1967. The enterprising family have now added to their business by opening an ice cream shop in Johnsons Court in the heart of the town.

The bright colourful outlet near the O'Connell St entrance is a magnet to those wishing to sample a myriad of delights available from these masters of cool indulgence.

Don't worry if you're still feeling a bit chilly. There are lots of hot goodies on offer including, Hot Chocolate, Hot Dogs and more.

     Edmund and Edmund jnr (L) O'Grady preparing ice cream delights in Johnsons Court

A private seating area provides the perfect setting for a kiddie's party with a world of goodies on offer.

As the town goes green to celebrate St Patrick's Festival there will be no shortage of green treats at O'Gradys.


To celebrate the opening of O'Gradys emporium of delight, Sligo Today is giving away three sets of double tickets for the Gaiety 12 Screen Multi-Plex cinema on Wine St.

All you have to do is answer the following question:

How many flavours of ice cream are currently on offer at O'Grady's in Johnsons Court?

Send your answer by text or email to 0861252422 (standard rates apply) or

Your answer should read  ICE - followed by your answer and your name

This is a FREE competition - No purchase necessary.

So pop along to O'Gradys and check out the outstanding display on offer - you won't be disappointed!

Closing date for receiving competition entries - 30 April 2014

                 Girls from The Ursuline are big fans of O'Grady's Ice Cream outlet

Added: 11/03/14 : 08:48:46