Jim McGarry

Party: Labour Election: Sligo County Council Election Electoral Area: Sligo Strandhill (7 Seats)
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Dear Voter

Borough Council Elections in the West Ward area and Sligo County Council in the Sligo/Strandhill Area in the forthcoming Local Elections.

Entering politics in the 1980ís was a daunting task for me at the young age of twenty five years. Most of us remember the 1980ís, it was a time of recession, a time where many people needed help to obtain some of lifeís essentials such as housing and medical care.

I remember going into houses in my early days as a local Councillor where kids were using coats as blankets, where there was no heating or adequate food available. I cared about these people and whether they needed help getting housing or a medical card or lacking social welfare to which they were entitled. Even though I was just twenty five at the time I rolled up his sleeves and got involved. It is an attitude that has stuck with me through all my years in politics.

That is why people my supporters get out there and walk the streets with me during election time, it is because they believe in me and trust me to do the job I was elected to do. Times changed for awhile after the 1980ís, the Celtic Tiger phenomena ensured that there were plenty of jobs and a booming economy.

The Sligo skyline was dominated by cranes working on Construction sites. I was there to oversee this development and to ensure that Sligo evolved to the best of its potential. I consistently stood up and was counted when I didnít believe a proposal was right for the development of Sligo such as the Mid-block Route or the Pedestrianisation of OíConnell Street. Now we have come full circle and are right back at Recessionary times.

I have been with Sligo through all the changes. I am a very capable and hard-working Local Councillor. If re-elected I will continue to serve the people of Sligo with dedication and determination.


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