Marcella McGarry

Party: Labour Election: Sligo Borough Council Election Electoral Area: East Ward (4 Seats)
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Vote No1

Marcella McGarry

Who is Marcella McGarry?

Marcella Mc Garry lives in the East ward with her daughter and father. Marcella works as a Project Worker in the Area. Many of us know Marcella for her work in the local community, such as the Fairgreen, the current Refurbishment and as a Community Rep on RAPID.

"My vision for the east ward is one of fairness and opportunities if you share my vision please give me your support". At the local elections in June you have the chance to vote for change.

I hope you will use this chance to give me your No 1 Vote or highest preference.

Marcella's Priorities:

 The retention of the Cancer Services in the North West

 Planning that is Community led rather than Developer led

 Ensure People's interest in the Sligo Development Plan

 Retention of the Racecourse as a Recreational Amenity

 It is time to value our older citizens

 Developing the Fairgreen as soon as possible

 Oppose the Eastern Link Bridge in its present location

Sligo Needs Labour - Labour Needs You

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