Dick Cahill

Party: Independent Election: Sligo County Council Election Electoral Area: Ballymote (4 Seats)
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Vote Cahill No.1

About me, Dick Cahill
Your Independent Candidate for Ballymote

Educated : University College Dublin and University College Galway. I came to Sligo 1967 as a Customs Officer, then to Ballymote in 1972 as a Pensions Officer. I commuted to Dublin 1978 -1983 on promotion.

Eileen and I raised our family, Richard, Killian and Cathy here . Both of us gave years to voluntary service. Eileen with St.Vincent de Paul, I with Community care and then as Secretary to the Council for the West until 1998.

 I was Chairperson of the Committee raising funds to facilitate the amalgamation of the primary schools on the Convent of Mercy campus in Ballymote.

Eileen went back to education and is now a Psychotherapist specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I retired in 1998 but continued my teaching of law to adult students who also returned to education to enhance their employment prospects and further their careers.

Politics has been seriously damaged over the past fifteen years.
People are raw with hurt.They are anxious about their futures, and the future of the younger generation. The next five years are going to be difficult countrywide.This demands that Sligo County Councillors understand what it is to be a Sligo Councillor.They must be prepared to act in the interests of the people of this county in matters that can be controlled locally. It is pointless making the usual empty promises for election purposes. Councillors must be prepared to spend more time studying the problems, researching the possible resolutions and have the courage to act honestly in the face of unpopular solutions.

"I aim for re-election at the
end of a bad five year period"

On this basis I offer you an opportunity to vote for someone new.
There are no promises of “gooseberries at Christmas” here.

What I do say, is that you will soon know what County Councillors stand for.

What is it they do in the Council?
What the county Manager’s function is?
What power he has over us?
What power has the County Council itself over us?

How many times have you heard recently,
If people don’t vote then they lose control of the politicians, and the right to criticise them.
Eventually the vote itself could be lost.

Young couples trapped in inflated mortgages are going to need support
when the banking system tries to repossess houses.

While this is a national problem we in Sligo need to prepare for the clash between
the banks and those who through the down-turn cannot repay their mortgage.

We must all declare for the young people and prepare to represent them personally with the banks!

Other crises will appear which will test our courage and ability.


“If you want to vote for change,vote for me.If you want more of the same, vote Party.”

My priorities
 Ballymote Area first, Sligo second, National third.

Use your vote!
It gives you the right to criticise politicians.
Make them accountable!

Vote Cahill No 1

Dick Cahill
Your Independent Candidate for Ballymote


071 - 9183487

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