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Updated: 22/11/16 : 07:02:34

Ross suggests judges favour 'cronies' in tweet

Transport Minister Shane Ross
Transport Minister Shane Ross has caused more controversy, in a tweet that appears to accuse judges of cronyism.

The Independent Alliance Minister had courted controversy by claiming the judiciary are holding up reforms that would make the appointment of judges non-political.

The Chief Justice Susan Denham has responded by saying judges have been calling for change to the system for years.

In a tweet, Shane Ross conceded judges want reform, but suggested they would give jobs to their "cronies".

Dr Eoin O’Dell Associate Professor of Law at Trinity College thinks the Minister is aggravating the situation.

"Effectively everybody here wants the same thing, which is a reformed, more transparent, less political judicial appointment system.

"Because he is not getting everything that he is demanding, Minister Ross is throwing a tantrum, throwing the toys out of the pram, and holding the whole process up."