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Updated: 13/02/17 : 05:24:22

Union attempts to call off Tesco strike

The Tesco Arcade, Sligo. Photo:
Trade Union Mandate has sought to call off a proposed strike at nine Tesco stores around the country tomorrow, Tuesday.

John Douglas, Mandate's general secretary, claimed the union wrote to the management of Tesco Ireland last Friday seeking a resolution.

Staff at the Sligo branch are scheduled to man the picket lines from early tomorrow morning in the indefinite industrial action.

Management personnel and temporary staff are expected to work.

The letter said if Tesco Ireland committed to not making changes without approval then the impending strike would be called off by the union.

Mr Douglas said it was yet to receive any response to the letter from the retail giant.

He said some workers could see "reduced incomes of up to 20pc" if changes to the contracts for approximately 250 workers employed before 1996 were imposed.

A spokesperson for Tesco Ireland said there "has been continuous discussions with Mandate since January 2016 on proposed changes to the pre-1996 contract including spending 150 hours in the Workplace Relation Commission and the Labour Court".