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Updated: 05/04/17 : 11:41:19

World :: Portuguese fireworks blast leaves five factory workers dead

Five people died and another three were missing after an explosion on Tuesday evening destroyed a fireworks factory near the Portuguese town of Lamego.

The victims were all workers at the plant 100km (62 miles) east of Porto. The factory's owner was among the dead.

The factory was described as a family business and local mayor Francisco Lopes said it was a great tragedy.

Many of the victims were thought to be part of the same family.

An initial explosion happened at around 17:30 (16:30 GMT) on Tuesday, followed by two more blasts, the Diario de Noticias website said.

Some of the victims were found a short distance from the factory, apparently propelled from the building by the force of the blast.

Officials were initially unable to enter the site because of the potential risk to their safety, public TV said.