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Stop Smoking In One Hour

Internationally renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist Tom Ryan
Internationally renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist Tom Ryan has developed a highly successful way to enable all smokers to become permanent non-smokers. He is now operating ‘Stop Smoking Clinics’ in Sligo.

He has become known as the "Stop Smoking Guru".

After more than 30 years and 40,000 clinical client hours Tom has made the ‘Stop Smoking’ process and many other processes highly successful. His unique Holographic Hypnosis approach to the workings of the mind enable him to achieve rapid and remarkable results in a completely new way based on the minds natural inclinations and Quantum Mechanics.

The science of mind is being completely revolutionised. This new Science of Mind Technology works even for those who normally cannot be hypnotised.

Stop Trying – Start Succeeding

"People try to stop smoking with everything including prescription drugs, some with life threatening side effects. Those methods offer little or no success and people generally end up frustrated. Every time they try, their mind sabotages them," says Tom Ryan. "People deserve better.

"Now there is a solution for all who have experienced disappointment. The key to success is in removing the minds ‘saboteur’. Unless this is dealt with success is unlikely. The subconscious mind contains the smoking addictive habit or programme and therein is the key to resolve the problem and achieve freedom from smoking once and for all.”

Private Sessions

Each of Tom’s clients receives a private session. Individual requirements cannot be dealt with in a group environment resulting in less than satisfactory outcomes, so private sessions are the only way Tom works. Less than 5% ever smoke again, so to provide for that possibility everyone is given a lifetime guarantee that should they ever smoke again, they will receive additional treatment for free. That way everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

A Better Way For Better Results

Traditional levels of success with hypnosis have long proven to be pretty good but not good enough for Tom, who, knowing the amazing powers of the mind concluded that "There must be a better way." He then spent years developing that ‘better way’. 

When he first demonstrated his ‘better way’ now called Holographic Hypnosis to colleagues with amazing results, they said "but this is not traditional hypnosis, so what are you going to call it?" Michael Talbot's wonderful book "The Holographic Universe" inspired him to call it "Holographic Hypnosis".

Success From a Lifetimes Work

After 30 years and 40,000 clinical client hours, Holographic Hypnosis has proved to be both a revelation and a revolution in simplicity and success. Holographic Hypnosis approaches the workings of the mind and the achievement of results in a completely new way based on the minds own inclinations and Quantum Mechanics. With this unique approach the science of mind is being completely revolutionised.

Not just for “Stop Smoking” sessions, Holographic Hypnosis is equally effective for removing:

Mind problems,
 Sleeping problems,
ADHD and much more besides.

It’s time to stop suffering and trying to cope when you can start to live in peace and inner harmony again with Holographic Hypnosis.

For Those Who Can’t be Hypnotised

The good news is that with the Holographic Hypnosis method anybody who can daydream or sleep can experience Holographic Hypnosis just as naturally. That includes everybody. It gently works with the natural inclinations of the mind to do what the mind wants to do given the right circumstances. Our mind, much like an airplane, has an autopilot, which we connect with when inactive or relaxing.

That autopilot is our subconscious mind which is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind and works without any apparent effort. This is where all the programmes that run our lives are contained. Your subconscious or the autopilot knows where you really want to go, and helps you do what you really want to do given the opportunity.

The only way to let your subconscious mind do what it wants to do is to stop jamming it by consciously flying the plane and instead let your autopilot guide you. When you allow your autopilot to coast you along towards the outcome of your desires and connect with the amazing power of your inner mind you will effortlessly resolve problems and discover your inner brilliance. That’s Holographic Hypnosis the new technology of the mind in action.

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