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Updated: 09/08/17 : 05:04:46

Sligo restaurateur's Trip Advisor reaction goes viral

Anthony Gray owns Trá Bán in Strandhill, Co Sligo and Eala Bhán in Sligo town
The reaction by a Sligo restaurateur and former president of the Restaurant Association of Ireland  to a Trip Advisor comment left by a 'disgruntled' customer has gone viral across the internet.

Anthony Gray, pictured, who owns the and Eala Bhán on the banks of the Garavogue River in Sligo town and the Trá Bán in Strandhill, was reacting to a customer who, despite enjoying his meal, was annoyed that Mr Grey did not, as promised, forward a jacket left behind in his Sligo town restaurant.

Last month, an Australian couple reserved a table at the restaurant and after they finished their dinner they realised that they “accidentally left” the husband’s jacket and glasses (which were in the pocket) behind.

“We only discovered this when we arrived at our next destination, so rang and spoke to the Restaurant Manager (Anthony Gray) who confirmed that the jacket was with them,” the reviewer wrote.

He then goes on to explain that Anthony Gray had kindly offered to send them back their forgotten items, “based on his agreement to forward the Jacket to me, I e-mailed details of my Credit Card to cover all costs to return the garment to me.

“When it did not arrive within a week or so, I re-emailed twice with no response. My wife and I have since returned to Australia, short of one Jacket and one pair of glasses.

“Bottom line is Food might be O.K. But integrity is seriously lacking”.

Offended by the three-star review (Mr Grey's average is 4.5 from 5) and by the ‘integrity comment, Gray decided to reply – something he never usually does.

First, he apologises for not sending the forgotten items back right away. He then went on to explain the reason behind it.

“I should have done a Joe ninety on it and hot tailed it up to the local post office and made your jacket a priority but unfortunately these things don’t always happen the way you may have planned,” he wrote

“I mean I’m only trying to run two restaurants in the middle of summer while my manager whom I’m delighted to say is six months pregnant but unfortunately is suffering God bless her wee soul and out of work resting which I insisted on!”

Talking about three children, who are all under the age of ten, and the time he puts into promoting Sligo – where his staff, house and restaurants are located – he admits that he’s just a “little tired and a tad busy”.

“I should have pushed this way up my priority list but forgot and while all of this is going I’m very busy busting a gut here”.

Finally he cuts to the chase and points out the irony of the entire situation.

“People make mistakes and forget things just like you did with your possessions. But to come on TripAdvisor and review me about my lack of postal skills honesty and integrity beggars belief considering I never laid my mince pies eyes on you.

“I mean you are butchering my name insofar as my forgetfulness yet it was your forgetfulness that has us here!!!! POT KETTLE BLACK ( Google it) finally I just checked the weather forecast in your part of sunny Australia and I reckon you will be fairly safe insofar as your lack of windbreaker”.

And as all Irish tend to do, he first signs it off with “keep her lit” before quoting W.B.Yeats.