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Updated: 11/10/17 : 07:22:14

Sligo BID launches public consultation process

Hyde Bridge lit up by Sligo BID
Sligo BID Company has launched a public consultation on the future shape and management of Sligo Town.

Sligo Business Improvement District is an initiative formed in Sligo in March 2016. Itís objectives include the development of Sligo as a tourist and shopping destination and to place management specifically designed to address increasing footfall to Sligo Town and to secure a long term sustainable model for the management of the geographically defined zone.

The BID model works on the principle that where the majority of businesses choose to establish a BID in their area, each business contributes to the common good of the district in question.

The business community therefore contribute by way of a levy to the funding of BID Projects and all businesses are required to contribute under law.

Sligo BID has contributed to various projects including the lighting of the townís bridges, pictured, the provision of chewing gum disposal points, the support of various festivals. 

Sligo BIDS has also taken responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of the Christmas lights and it has installed lighting on many trees around town. Sligo BIDS is now the main funder of Sligo Tidy Towns.

The Board of Sligo BID  invite the people of Sligo town to offer their ideas on how they would like to see the business and environment of Sligo town develop in the years to come.

Jim Lawlor, left, former Chairman of Sligo Tidy Towns and former President of Sligo Chamber has been invited to Chair this consultation process.

"We are today inviting the residents of Sligo Town, resident associations , clubs and town organisations to submit their ideas on how they would like to see the town ,itís businesses and itís environment develop in the years ahead. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in the BIDíS strategic development plan.

"This is a great opportunity (and probably a first) for the people of Sligo Town to offer their personal ideas on how they would like to see the place where they live develop in the years ahead."

Submissions should be addressed to Jim Lawlor, Chairman Sligo BIDíS Consultation Process, Sligo BID Office, Abbey Street, Sligo.

Sligo BID Consultation  Questionaire 2017

What environmental improvements would you like to see in Sligo Town ?

What physical improvements would you like to see in Sligo Townís Built Environment and Streetscape.?

What improvements would you like to see in your own area ?

What improvements would you like to see in the Townís open spaces ?

What additional facilities would you like to see in the town ?

What improvements would you like to see in relation to Waste and Resource management ?

Please suggest ideas for the improvement of residential areas ?

Can you suggest ideas that will attract more visitors to Sligo Town and thereby improve employment opportunities ?