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Updated: 12/10/17 : 12:47:57

Call to have defibrillators installed in all schools

A defibrillator sponsored by the Apache Pizza company,
Campaigners are stepping up efforts to get defibrillators installed in schools across the country.

It comes after a north Dublin principal saved a nine-year-old boy's life when he collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest in the school yard of Gaelscoil Ros Eo in Rush last month.

Headmaster Tim O'Tuachaigh performed CPR on the boy as a defibrillator, which had been given to the local GAA club by the Apache Pizza company, was rushed to the school.

Paramedics say the outcome could have been very different if a defibrillator from the local GAA club was not available.

Mr O'Tuachaigh said in September at the time of the incident: "All of the first responders said the exact same thing - that if we hadnít done the CPR, if we hadnít had the defibrillator, there would be a very different end to this story."

The headmaster says rolling out the devices nationwide would not cost very much.

He said: "They're not massively expensive. You can get a defibrillator for around Ä1,200 and you can get training for about Ä300 on top of that.

"For Ä1,500. What child's life isn't worth Ä1,500?"