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Sligoman on trial for musician's murder

The accused Keith Brady at an earlier court sitting in Sligo
A 30-year-old Sligo man has gone on trial charged with the murder of a local musician in Sligo in August 2015. See link below

Keith Brady of Cartron Estate, Sligo has admitted killing 59-year-old Martin 'Matt' Kivlehan at his apartment on Holborn Street in the town between 2 August and 3 August 2015, but he denies murdering him.

His plea of not guilty to murder, but guilty to manslaughter, was not accepted by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The jury was told Mr Kivlehan lived on his own in Sligo, but people would occasionally visit him for a drink. On the Sunday night of August 2 and the following Bank Holiday Monday Keith Brady and his sister Janice Brady were in Mr Kivlehan's house and while they were there Mr Kivlehan died.

Senior Counsel Paul Murray told the court certain facts would not be in dispute.  

His body was found the next day, when someone called in to the apartment, and a pathologist's report showed that he had two stab wounds on either side of his neck. The pathologist's report, Mr Murray said, would show that one of the wounds went to a depth of 7.8cm while the other was 9cm deep.

Death was not immediate but would have been rapid, brought on by blood haemorrhage.

                         Victim Martin 'Matt' Kivlehan and his apartment on Holborn St

Counsel added that a toxicology report would show that the deceased had high levels of alcohol in his system and that there will be evidence of "gross intoxication" on his part.
Stab wounds

He said Mr Kivlehan died as a result of two stab wounds, one on either side of his neck.

The seven women and five men on the jury were told they would have to decide whether the killing of Mr Kivlehan amounted to murder or manslaughter.  

Mr Murray said they would have to decide what the natural and probable consequences were of stabbing someone not once, but twice, on either side of the neck.

He said they would also have to decide if Mr Brady intended to kill or cause serious injury to Mr Kivlehan.

The case is expected to finish next week.


Meanwhile Janice Brady (33), pictured left, sister of the accused, yesterday pleaded guilty to impeding the apprehension of a man for a killing in the town.

Brady of Maryville Hostel, Finisklin, Sligo, was arraigned before the Central Criminal Court.

She pleaded guilty to impeding the apprehension or prosecution of a man between August 2 and August 3, 2015 at an address in Sligo, knowing or believing that the man was guilty of a killing.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy ordered a probation report and remanded her in custody until Friday of next week, November 24, 2017.

Link: Sligo Today 25/11/2016

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