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Updated: 17/01/18 : 14:38:40

Increased Funding from Intertrade Ireland under Fusion Programme

IntertradeIreland has announced increased funding for companies in the Republic of Ireland. This means that even more companies will be funded as part of the FUSION programme. FUSION funds technical development projects and pays for up to half of a graduate's salary as well as additional financial and other benefits. The types of companies that are eligible for support include - software, food, engineering, furniture makers, manufacturing, medical devices, design, printing and so on.
To summarise how Fusion works - a Company (SME >5, <250 employees) receives grant aid to employ a high-calibre graduate who champions a project for either 12 or 18 months, usually a technical innovation project for them. Each company is partnered with a university or college (on a cross-border basis) with specialist expertise in the subject area required who then provides one-to-one tailored assistance to solve the company's technology project. In summary, it's a three-way partnership: Company - Academic - Graduate.
The scope of the innovation may address a range of activities and applications, for example, FUSION can help your business to:

    Develop or improve products, processes or services
    Streamline business processes to increase efficiency and performance
    Develop and implement new technologies, systems or processes
    Improve capabilities in innovation, design and technology
    Reduce costs
    Increase sales

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