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Updated: 09/03/18 : 06:06:33

Government lost three Dáil votes yesterday

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

THE MINORITY Government suffered three defeats in the Dáil yesterday morning, Thursday.

None of them made even a footnote in the ‘news of the day’ which was dominated by other (weighty) topics.

The defeats were not by small margins either; all three defeats were in ratios of 2:1.

Sligo TD Tony McLoughlin, as Assistant Whip to this Government, was teller for the losing side each time.

More than anything else, those votes will have told him and his colleagues ‘don’t ever forget you have no majority.’

For the record, yesterday’s defeat margins were:-

A. 83 to 40 with no abstentions;
B. 81 to 41 with no abstentions;
C. 80 to 42 with no abstentions.

The subjects at issue were motor insurance, costs of public housing rental, and seaweed harvesting.

Bad Week

It has been a bad week for the Government; exchanges on Wednesday re the new spin unit’ bordered on nasty, both sides of the Dáil.

Mostly these days the Dáil resembles an episode of the Fair City soap. 

Meaning, we are seeing not just two or three camps facing each other across the floor.

But we are also seeing camps within those camps.....and plenty of whinging, too. 

Not even the (relative) Dáil unanimity later today, Friday, on the abortion referendum will hide the wider dis-unity within the Dáil.