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Updated: 15/05/18 : 06:59:16

InterTradeIreland funding for cross border business development

InterTradeIreland has recently launched a new phase of its Sales and Marketing support programmes which might be of interest to local business people.


With Brexit fast approaching, now is the time for businesses to get a foothold in the cross-border market.  They can offer eligible businesses Sales and Marketing consultancy support, which is 100% funded, to identify and capitalise on the sales opportunities on their doorstep.  The support can provide a number of benefits including:  An assessment of their export readiness capability, help with identifying cross-border sales opportunities or the development of a dedicated cross-border sales and marketing strategy.


Depending on what stage the business is at in this process, the following support is available:


  1. Trade Accelerator Voucher (TAV) 1200 plus VAT of consultancy support to provide initial research on the cross-border market, identify competitors, secure one or two key sales opportunities or assess the capability of the business to successfully export on a cross-border basis. 


  1. Elevate - 5,700* (incl. VAT) of consultancy support to identify a pipeline of sales opportunities and develop a dedicated sales and marketing plan for the NI market.

*Euro equivalent of 5,000 maximum funding available.


To be eligible, the business must satisfy the following criteria:


  • Be a micro-enterprise with less than 10 employees
  • Turnover less than 1.8m
  • Manufacturing or Internationally Tradeable service business
  • Existing cross-border sales should not exceed 30% of your overall turnover
  • Have a sufficiently unique product/service not to displace existing products/services in the target market


Application forms can be downloaded from the InterTradeIreland website:



Local Enterprise Office

Phone: 0719144779
Sligo County Council
City Hall