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Updated: 26/05/18 : 08:31:08

Referendum Count this morning in Sligo

Counting underway in Canis Major at the Clayton Hotel, Sligo - Count Centre. Photo: Thomas Walsh
Counting of ballots in the abortion referendum will commence at 9am this morning after two exit polls carried out last night predicted a landslide victory for the Yes campaign. See link below.

Preparations are already underway at the Sligo Count Centre in Canis Major Chapel at The Clayton Hotel where the results of Sligo's 114 Polling Stations, plus postal votes, will be officially declared later today.

Last night, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said history will be made today after yesterday's "democracy in action" while Health Minister Simon Harris said he hopes he will be "waking up to a country that is more compassionate, careful and respectful".

Tánaiste Simon Coveney said he was "proud to be Irish" after the polls indicated "a stunning result that will bring about a fundamental change for the better".

Leading members of the no campaign conceded defeat in the country’s abortion referendum before polls even closed yesterday, amid stronger-than-expected voter turnout.

Admitting they were outgunned during the campaign, No campaigners have warned however they will fight the proposal to legalise abortions as proposed when the legislation goes through the Oireachtas.

Just before polls closed at 10pm last night and turnout was reported to be high across much of the country, with some areas in Dublin exceeding 70%, well ahead of recent referendums.

Ballot boxes from more than 6,500 stations across the country will be opened this morning and it is expected the count will be complete by this afternoon before the official result is announced in Dublin Castle.

                              Sligo Together for Yes campaigners on O'Connell St

The count is now getting way at Canis Major - at the Clayton Hotel with 50 counters employed.

The count is expected to be swift as its a simple Yes or No count.

Approximately 50 per cent of the Sligo boxes have now been opened.

                     The count goes on. Photo: Leitrim for Yes

See latest Tallies automatically being updated HERE
Courtesy of Padraig Harte and Edmund Gray

Tally men and women keeping a close eye on the count. Photo: Thomas Walsh

Tally for Sligo now showing YES 61.2%  NO 38.4%  Spoiled Votes 0.4%

See updates on this figure HERE
Courtesy of Padraig Harte and Edmund Gray

        Final Tally for Sligo. Yes 61.4% - No 38.6% Image: Shannonside FM

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone says she expects that legislation will be enacted "as quickly as possible."

She added that she believes that it can be done by the end of the year.

Roscommon-Galway, the only constituency to reject marriage equality referendum in 2015, appears to be on its way to voting Yes in this referendum. With two-thirds of boxes tallied, Yes is on 57% compared to 43% No, according to Conor McMorrow.

Still awaiting Leitrim tally figures

Follow the Leitrim tally HERE
Courtesy of Padraig Harte and Edmund Gray


Micheál Martin says he believes the legislation to repeal the Eighth will pass through the Dail in a relatively straight forward way.

The Fianna Fáil leader has said TDs are telling him that irrespective of the way they voted they will not stand in the way of the people.

He said he had spoken with Health Minister Simon Harris about the need to move forward with the legislation and not to delay.

According to Ocean FM, one Sligo box was in favour of the No side — that was from Merville in Sligo Town.

Also, another box from the Loftus Hall in Ballymote, the votes cast between Yes and No were virtually neck and neck

Meanwhile, observers say turnout in Sligo/Leitrim was comparable to the last general election in 2016 when it was over 60%.


Final Count for the Sligo/Leitrim/S Donegal/W Cavan Constituency

Courtesy of Padraig Harte and Edmund Gray


Some international headlines

'Irish back abortion reform: Exit polls' - BBC

'Emotions run high as Ireland votes on abortion' - The Guardian

'Anti-abortion campaign concedes defeat' - Sky News

'Ireland referendum could lift abortion ban' - Times of India


Final Result for Sligo  Yes 61.2%   No 38.4% (Spoiled Votes  0.4%)

Final Result for Leitrim  Yes 54.6%  No 44.9% (Spoiled Votes  0.5%)

Donegal was the only county which voted to retain the 8th Amendment
with Yes 48.1% No 51.9%

However South Donegal, part of the Sligo Leitrim Constituency voted to repeal the 8th
with 4076 voters recording Yes 63.6%  No 35.8%  (Spoiled Votes 0.6%)

National Result: YES 66.4%   NO 33.6%

See all constituency results on RTÉ HERE


So that's it from us...see final count for Sligo HERE

Overall Totals - Sligo Leitrim S Donegal, W Cavan Consitiuency - HERE
Courtesy of Padraig Harte and Edmund Gray

Link: Sligo Today 26/5/2018